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If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

We feel and see it all around us. Women are rising to demand equal rights, equal say, and equal pay. Change is in the air and it is an exciting time. “What Is It to be A Powerful Woman Today” is a series of podcasts that explore what that change will look like and what […]

You’ve Had the Power All Along, My Dear

How do women rise within a power system created by men? How do we reclaim and express our authentic power within that system and what would it look like? This is the focus of my third podcast on What is it to be a Powerful Woman today? And it will likely not go as you think. […]

If You Only Stop Singing, I’ll Make You Safe

We know it’s time to recognize the ways that patriarchy tries to keep everyone in very narrow gender constructs that inhibit our wholeness. But just as you cannot heal a tree by simply tending to its branches, before we can address the costs of the patriarchal system, we need to take a look at its roots.

In my second podcast, If You Only Stop Singing, I’ll Make You Safe, (a title taken from a poem by David Whyte), we explore the back story of how women came to be excluded from the power structure in the first place.

When Sleeping Women Wake – Episode 1

What is it to be a Powerful Woman today? is a series of podcasts I’ve created to explore power in a very different way than we are used to defining it. Not as power-over, but as power-with, and ultimately as power-within. While my work has always centered on the question of women and power, the […]


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That was the wrong word for Samantha Bee to have used . But mostly because ( to paraphrase the French ) Ivanka has neither the warmth nor the depth.

In objective performance, men and women in the military are equally competent: there are no gender differences in grades or fitness.
Yet in subjective performance reviews, managers describe men as more capable.

Today marks 1 year since President Trump announced plans to withdraw from the #ParisAgreement. Tomorrow marks 1 year since the rest of the world rejected this idea & doubled down, & American cities, states, & businesses started stepping up to fill the leadership void. #StillIn

More than 4,600 lives lost in Puerto Rico. 70x the official number. The US gov’t has failed its own citizens. The response itself is an American tragedy.

Hurricane season is about to begin in Puerto Rico. The administration must step up & protect its people.

Kerr blasts new NFL anthem policy: 'It's idiotic'

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