WW-speakingWendy offers transformational leadership programs for Silicon Valley companies and inspiring keynotes, workshops and panel participation for organizations such as The Texas Conference for Women, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Professional Business Women’s Conference (PBWC), The Commonwealth Club, It’s Time 2015, The Women’s Leadership Forum, The 3% Conference, and Women In Technology International (WITI).

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The Keys to Creating a Thriving Organization

Organizations are looking for ever-higher performance from their workforces and people try to comply — but the usual method of working harder and longer hours has backfired. People get exhausted, disengaged and sick and defect to healthier work environments.
 Emerging research from psychology, science, neuroscience and economics makes the link between better business performance and a thriving workforce absolutely clear. By and large, happy people are more creative and productive. In a sweeping meta-analysis of 225 academic studies, researchers found that happy employees have an average of 31% higher productivity, 37% more sales and three times more creativity. But what makes people happy at work? This talk answers that question.

The Profitability and Power of Feminine Leadership: A New Paradigm

Research shows that when more women lead, performance improves. The shift from hierarchical systems, where individual achievement matters most, to matrix organizations where collaboration and teamwork dramatically improve both productivity and profits, has created a demand for women leaders who are naturally gifted in people relationships and communication. Not surprisingly, the definition of what makes a great leader is also evolving. As John Gerzema discovered in his proprietary 64,000 person global survey, “Most innovative leaders are breaking away from traditional structures to be more flexible, collaborative, and nurturing. Both men and women are adopting this style, which emphasizes cooperation, long-term thinking, and flexibility.” Wendy’s talk celebrates both feminine and masculine strengths and illuminates why this is the opportune moment to lead with “feminine” strengths. She offers participants ways to immediately step into this new kind of power and capitalize on the abundance of opportunities it offers.

Women on the Rise: The Secret to Unleashing Your Power

Women have succeeded inside of the masculine paradigm but it’s not sustainable. Statistics show that when women hit a certain point in their careers in organizations they plateau in staff positions or opt out. What’s stopping them from rising? While there are multiple causes for the frequented “off ramp,” one that’s not explored enough is that most women are not drawn to power for power’s sake. Women value meaning over ambition. The secret, Wendy Wallbridge tells us, isn’t to drop out, it’s to drop into ourselves to excavate our talents, passions and purpose so that we can unleash our true power and forge a pathway that serves our own—and the greater—good. Participants come away with strategies to put their hard-won, generative, masculine strengths in service to what holds meaning for their feminine selves.

Enlightenment as a Path to Leadership

Recent brain science reveals how women’s brains can tend towards rumination and replaying past failures more than men’s. Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson says that the brain’s negativity bias makes it like Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for positive ones. To follow our calling to fulfill our potential as human beings it’s less about adding on and more about letting go. This workshop guides women through the process of releasing past “failures” that limit possibility and teaches them how to train their minds on success. As we re-story our past we reclaim our wholeness and inner authority—the source of our confidence and leadership.

Woman on the Rise: Lose the Ladder and Catch the Wave

Women will never achieve wholehearted success until we ditch the linear, corporate ladder for a path of our own making, asserts Wendy Wallbridge. That’s because the masculine success model places emphasis on the externalities of working harder to acquire more. This approach doesn’t work in the long run for women. Women thrive on a path that looks inward as much as outward––one that recognizes that external circumstances are a reflection of our internal state, and that only by accessing our 5 Co-Creative Powers (Energy, Mind, Feelings, Speech and Actions) will we begin to lay claim to our own agency and rise.

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