Advice to My Younger Me

Shift your thinking to unlock your power. A conversation with Sara Holtz, Women Helping Women Achieve Success.

Profit Boss Radio, How to turn struggle into success

One of my north-star principles is the belief that in our struggles we find our greatest opportunities to grow. Hilary Hendershott's deep experience as someone who helps women overcome their negative experiences around money brings a fresh perspective to what it means to succeed as a woman and a human in life and business. I know you’ll get as much out of listening to our conversation as I did having it.

See Jane Do, Elisa Parker Radio Interview with Wendy Wallbridge

A rich discussion that dives into how real power comes from putting our hard-won masculine skills in support of our feminine wisdom and energy.

33 Voices

Moe and Wendy Wallbridge talk about a cogent road map for professional women looking to unlock their power and achieve success on their own terms. Own your true power and live your life intentionally.

The Amiel Show

Amiel Handelson's interview with Wendy Wallbridge on spiraling upward and women’s co-creative powers. “Women have unconscious biases as much as men—about themselves.”– Wendy Wallbridge

Solutionz Live

Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Wendy Wallbridge —Spiraling Upward:The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise. The linear, heads-down, forward-at-all-cost approach to success that has been forged by men will never take us to the heart of fulfillment. Women are not designed for the straight and narrow path. But until now there hasn’t been another choice.

Womyn's Word

How the Feminine is Essential to Birthing Our Gifts Into the World

Wendy Wallbridge

Finding Sanity in a Crazy World

Your Working Life

Interview with Wendy Wallbridge


Unstoppable Leadership

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