“On Your Mark’s Team Reinvention program caused a marked culture shift in our company. We shifted from strong silos of turf protecting, unproductive working relationships and practices (unproductive meetings, interactions, projects, and a wave of ramifications), to a company-wide commitment to accountability and positive intent for how people work together and get things done. Because of On Your Mark we’ve reduced conflict management issues by half, improved efficiency by 30-40% and have a renewed alignment to creating an extraordinary organization.”

— Liezel Barbuto, 
Director, Learning & Development, TD Ameritrade

Client Feedback

High Performance Teamwork Feedback

“It was truly team building! I do not know these people, but I’ll work side-by-side with them after this session.”

“I love these sessions! They are so helpful in improving our teams. The instructor showed us better ways to understand ourselves and recognize that our teammates are just like us…trying to be successful.”

When asked what was learned from the training they responded:

“A common language is established with all the folks I work with.”

“That anything that empowers the individual empowers the organization.”

“Very useful because it reminds me that I have choices…It opened up my creativity.”

“I found it very helpful in both personal and professional relationships. I am able to ‘be more’ which is what I’ve always wanted but was held back by fear.”

“I learned skills to improve damaged relationships.”

“Gave common language to the team.”

“Having the courage to be a leader.”

“Viewing others as their ‘bigger’ selves.”

“Understanding that people do not get up in the morning planning to be difficult.”

“Importance of showing appreciation and respect to others.”

“How to really win/win.”

“Recognition and acknowledgement.”

“Learned to LISTEN better!”

“Listening and turning complaints into commitments.”

“Generating commitment statements for ourselves and our organization.”

“Work with a positive ‘I can do that’ attitude.”

“Re-examine frequently how I look at others (the story I make up about them).”

“That I can change relationships with people.”

“How to be a better person.”

“To take time to learn to accept appreciation.”

“How to improve my relationships with others.”

“Feel reoriented toward a common goal. This session helps you step outside the ‘daily grind’ and redirect yourself.”

Other praise:

Wendy’s “Spiraling Upward” session positively affected every single person on my team, which is comprised of over-achievers who deal with a lot of fast moving parts and demanding, high expectations. My people gained new perspectives and techniques for managing that velocity without burnout. Wendy knows how to “read” the room and tailored her inspiring session to their most pressing needs: increasing confidence and resilience, managing the “inner critic” and owning their power.  Many individuals had personal breakthroughs from her on-the-spot coaching. Everyone took away an actionable personalized “practice” and accountability partners to support them in upleveling their performance, leadership, career and wellbeing.

Months after Wendy’s coaching people have put into action her advice and have profoundly changed their lives , feeling more in control, more aware and happy with the path they are on.

With her fantastic range and abilities, Wendy was able to connect with each and every diverse person on our team and helped connect her knowledge with their strengths.

I loved hearing the team share how much they appreciated Wendy:

“I thought I was alone- now I feel more connected to my colleagues as well as to my own power.”

“The best part of our offsite!”

“I’m now focusing on my True Self”

— Alex Alvarez Gahagan, Global Events, Amenities & Community Engagement Manager at Facebook

“I was very impressed with the take-away value of a painless (actually, fun!) training program. Like 7 Habits, this program calls for you to look inside yourself and at your own values, but then it gives you tools to hang onto those during tough times with real people & situations. It gives you a practical ‘hit the ground running’ set of strategies to take yourself and your leadership to the next level.”

— Robyn Bramhall, VP HR, Alcatel USA

“At a “watershed moment” when people really needed to step up, the On Your Mark High-Performance Teamwork program galvanized people behind a committed vision, which greatly improved collaboration. People are more accountable for their results, employee issues are down, and survey scores are up. We thought the sessions were fantastic. We were very pleased with the results.”

— Ed Fardos, Call Center Manager, Apple

“In times when we all have to tighten our belts, this program gave us a lot of bang for our buck! Randy established great rapport with our group and the content was inspirational and practical! In my one-on-one’s, the framework and language learned is very helpful in working through individual development issues. The framework helps them identify when they are operating less than optimum with supervisors and colleagues and what they can do to immediately shift themselves. They are also able to understand other’s behavior and are a little more forgiving.”

— Elizabeth Mason, UC Office of the President

“I took the Team Reinvention course with my manager and her staff. I thought the material and the presenter were FABULOUS. The material is so ‘real’ and really brings people back to something they can work with — themselves! So often in the workplace, we try to fix other people, fix processes, etc…but, with this course material, you see that what needs to be fixed is YOU.”

— Sue Walker, Worldwide Communications Manager, Hewlett Packard Services

“Our team has noticeably benefited from On Your Mark’s consulting and guidance this year. People say what’s on their mind, issues get put out on the table and sorted out. We have a common language for, and commitment to clear communication, teamwork and accountability. There is increased individual initiative, freeing me up to focus on the strategic issues, and a cohesiveness and zeal that is tangible.”

— Robin Gower, Director of Human Resources, AirTouch Communications

“It helps you take ownership of your management style and results, changing from directing and ‘in control of’ to supporting, inspiring, empowering and ‘in service to’ your people. Instead of giving you a bunch of tips or rules to follow, this course leads you through a series of self-produced realizations and truths that you can’t lose or forget, but that become more powerful with each application. Besides the time savings, the cost of this is less than a vendor offering of 7 Habits.”

— Robyn Bramhall, VP HR, Alcatel USA

“On Your Mark’s Team Reinvention program caused a marked culture shift in our company. We shifted from strong silos of turf protecting, unproductive working relationships and practices (unproductive meetings, interactions, projects, and a wave of ramifications), to a company-wide commitment to accountability and positive intent for how people work together and get things done. Because of On Your Mark we’ve reduced conflict management issues by half, improved efficiency by 30-40% and have a renewed alignment to creating an extraordinary organization.”

— Liezel Barbuto, 
Director, Learning & Development, TD Ameritrade

“The ‘above the line’ framework has become part of our collective language and I attribute that to Randy’s effective and personable presentation style – the group really took to it and are utilizing it in everyday life!”

— Elizabeth Mason, UC Office of the President

“Working with Wendy has convinced me if you believe you can accomplish something, the universe will conspire to make it happen. I am living proof. After one year in the Spiral Up course, I had a breakthrough in my career — offered not one but both of the job roles that I desired and a promotion. Though the work, I achieved greater harmony in my inner life and greater effectiveness and impact in my actions. If you are open to growth and change, you too will be ‘transformed for good’ by this course.”

— Rachel Kindt, Ph.D., Senior Project Manager, Genentech

“I was turning 50 and doing some soul searching about the “second half” of my life. My marketing career had been very successful but I couldn’t honestly say it was making me happy. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next and felt insecure about leaping into the un- known. But I became a true believer in Wendy’s Spiral Up process as I worked through the exercises in her book. Once I paid attention to what the universe was offering me, I used those gifts to transform my life. By prioritizing what was important to ME, my relationships are now more meaningful, I’m physically much healthier, and I’m two years into a totally new career which inspires, challenges and satisfies me in ways I could never have imagined. I think I’m probably the happiest person in the world, and I’m told (often multiple times a day, sometimes by perfect strangers) that it truly shows.”

— Karen Sipprell, Apple University

“Wendy’s Spiral Up! program has truly changed my life. I had enjoyed success in my career but something had always felt mis- aligned. Through the SpiralUp! work I was gradually able to let go of my own self-limiting beliefs and actions and truly develop into the person I was meant to be. I discovered the power in my authenticity that I did not know existed. It has changed my re- lationships with those around me and made my life richer, and full of possibility. Every day is better, more honest, and more magical because of this work. It is a gift to self that I wish for everyone who wants to live their true life.”

— Nancy Nunziati, Vice President Marketing, Technology Industry

“The Spiral Upward practices helped me to gain such clarity around what I wanted for my life…I hadn’t allowed myself to even dream that it could happen. But it did…in record time. No matter where you are at personally or professionally, this process resonates to the core”

— Sherrie Cornett, Manager, Learning and Development, Nestlé USA

“Earlier this year, I took a leap and did something I don’t normally do which resulted in a lot of big, positive changes for me:

  • Figured out the balance between new Mom (again) and Intel
  • Lost 10 pounds (long overdue)
  • Finished writing a novel (a life-long dream)
  • Last but not least… Covered for a sabbatical (this was a big stretch for me)

What did I do? A 6-month coaching course… It was amazing! The participants were all driven, corporate or business-owning women. Throughout the series, Wendy helped me to see that I have been giving and giving and giving for many years, but not feeling like I was receiving much. She encouraged me to shift from giving to receiving.

In doing so, I realized that I didn’t need to wait for others to give to me, but rather that I could receive from myself. In fact, it turns out that I was the one who was blocking the receiving… I now truly feel like I am receiving a great deal of peace, balance and happiness. I don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed out much like I used to. Thank you Wendy!”

— Sue Tatby, 
Management and Leadership Development
, Intel

“Wendy taught me the skills and tools to envision, name, and manifest meaningful work in the world — work aligned with my spiritual values, and also in tune with the realities and the fun of tangible worldly, accomplishment and success. After working in a group setting for 6 months, I see, speak, and act in ways that are more authentic, compassionate, and truly powerful. I have worked with other coaches and Wendy is the stand-out because of her balance between hard core business and spirituality. Wendy has marked out the path by which each of us can expand and enjoy more worldly success by tapping into and respecting our spiritual natures. And I was promoted! I have no doubt that the work I have done with you played a major role in this promotion.”

— Leslie Cross, VP Internal Audit, KLA-Tencor

“Spiral Up is all about finding your inner soul and living from that place. I spent so much of my life and career being what I “should” be. It’s like being able to breathe again to realize that I can just be me. This has made me a better business partner with a clearer vision of where our business should be.”

— Petere Miner, 
FutureFreight Corporation

“Spiral Up facilitates a transformational growth experience both professionally and personally. It’s supported me in taking risks and I’ve been greatly rewarded in doing so.”

— Beth Broderson, 

“Thank you for your wisdom and support throughout the series. I will always be able to use the tools you gave us. Through the series I gained clarity on my life purpose and the conviction to take action towards it! I am very excited about the road ahead. This is an excellent series for people in transition or who are looking for a change.”

— Margot Wall
, Business Manager
, Agilent

“Wendy is just a delight to work with. Her positive and sensitive nature
teaches each of us what is valuable in our own lives. She gives freely
of her heart and her mind – an earth bound angel. She is a very skilled
professional and uses personal examples, experience and role modeling to
help each of us understand our inner potential. Working with Wendy
enabled me to change both my career and life goals. I would recommend
Wendy and her class to anyone needing a new way to look at their career
and/or life.”

— Krista Switzer, 
X-Fortune 50 VP
, Now Director at HP and having fun

“At a pivotal transition point in my life, I was fortunate to attend the Soul Proprietor series ….it was indeed a valuable experience! The format gave me a core set of tools to use of evaluating choices and the group concept was extremely supportive! I now have several new friends that share similar thoughts and we can help each other during our new life journeys! Wendy’s calm, focused demeanor is truly an asset in challenging a lifetime of old beliefs that need reassessment! I look forward to many more workshops with her”

— Kim Keane
, Manager
, Verisign

“I was an Air Force Academy Graduate, an Air Force officer, and an Intel employee. I left the rigid, structured corporate life in high tech & military where I was very successful by other people’s standards but felt deeply unsatisfied. The tools I’ve obtained in this series have helped me to re-define myself and recognize the things that I really want to spend my life pursuing. In doing so, I feel I can become a even greater gift to the world than I was before.”

— Sueling Chow

“Deep conversations with other accomplished women about how to activate our deepest desires, and bring them into the light of our careers and lives in an integrated way just doesn’t happen by the water cooler! Thank you Wendy for the sharp intellect, with heart and soul – that you integrate in such creative ways to encourage our growth.”

— Gwen Edwards, 
Former CEO, 

“Working with Wendy has convinced me if you believe you can accomplish something, the universe will conspire to make it happen. I am living proof. After one year in the Spiral Up course, I had a breakthrough in my career — offered not one but both of the job roles that I desired and a promotion. Though the work, I achieved greater harmony in my inner life and greater effectiveness and impact in my actions. If you are open to growth and change, you too will be ‘transformed for good’ by this course.”

— Rachel Kindt, Ph.D., 
Senior Project Manager, 

“You have made me think and laugh and hope and dream and every session I’ve taken with you has made me better, stronger, clearer.”

— Tracy Sherman
, Founder
, ShineOn.org Foundation

“Wendy was unfailingly present, prepared, delightful, honoring, dedicated to bringing out the best in each of us without judgement or pushing…she invites us to soften, relax, forgive, be good to ourselves, look deeply, and to step beyond who we thought we could be into a powerful presence in the world.”

— PL Thorndike, 
Founder of Spirit House

“I highly valued the opportunity and privilege of meeting and sharing with other incredible women. Each one contributed so much to the rest of us. The information presented was valuable in keeping me focused and grounded in the positive aspects of who I am and what I bring to the world. Finally, it supported me in creating space and time to be more introspective about what was going on with me in the present and in strategizing my future.”

— Linda Leyerle
, Owner
, Supercuts Stores

“From your series I have gained focus in general- focus on myself and my life in particular…You are a “mid-wife” to my best life – a friend, coach, and support system that I have needed desperately. This was an incredible environment to take me deep within to tap into my gifts and authentic self. Encouragement to express all aspects of myself – which I find I must do in order to have self-esteem, self-confidence and to really feel alive. I’ve also gained from being with the other women sharing their authentic selves. I have valued not just learning but practicing these new life skills. A new beginning….pulled me out of quicksand…HUGE breakthrough into the life I’ve been wanting to create!”

— Peggy Biocini, 
, Biocini & Associates

“Joy awaits anyone who wants it…your process and seminar has shown the way.”

— Kellin Chaffin

“Spiral Up has helped me tremendously to grow and articulate what I want to do with my life. The format is great and I had a chance to witness not only my own transformation but also that of a fabulous group of women. Wendy is a wealth of information and is quick interpreting ideas and helping one articulate their vision. ”

— Salima Fassil

“Wendy helped me summon the courage to pursue my life’s purpose and start a company intent on changing the world. She is an expert at unlocking human potential.”

— Allison Johnson, Founder, West, Former Vice President, Marketing, Apple

“Hiring Wendy as an Executive Coach for myself and other key Hyperion executives was an excellent business decision. Most executives are reactive to the challenges they encounter, often depending on significant effort and forcefulness to get things done. Wendy’s method stems from what she calls an “economy of means” for success, where individuals develop clarity of vision, inner calm, and deliberateness to achieve their vision. Although the needs of each Hyperion executive varied, leadership gaps got closed, competencies improved and the results were both tangible and appreciated by those involved. Without reservation, I recommend Wendy as a very accomplished and effective executive coach.”

— Steve McMahon, VP HR, Hyperion Solutions

“Wendy was instrumental in helping us create our company’s Global Coaching Institute. Her coaching style and approach were enthusiastically received by a diverse group of executives … The results were transformational for the individual and visible to their employees. Whether coming up through the management process or seasoned global executives, Wendy is able to connect and empower them to be more effective, while remaining true to themselves. I personally benefited from Wendy’s transformational approach. She helped me see opportunities I might have missed and new ways to approach them. She puts her clients first and her business second, building long term and mutual relationships with her clients.”

— Sandy O’Gorman, VP HR, ARC International

“I hired Wendy as I was aiming to move from “hardest working person at the company” to the actual “leader of the company”. The role and demands of CEO had snuck up on me, and my reaction had been to work ever harder — sacrificing my relationship with my then 3 year old and husband. I hired Wendy into that context to help me detangle the issues, identify new approaches, and then put them into practice. Working with her for 6 month was incredibly valuable, and joyful. I recommend Wendy to very high level executives; she’s not for the meek of heart but for those that are already high powered but need some “correction” in the system.”

— Nilofer Merchant, CEO, Rubicon Consulting

“Wendy taught me the skills and tools to envision, name, and manifest meaningful work in the world — work aligned with my spiritual values, and also in tune with the realities and the fun of tangible worldly, accomplishment and success. After working with Wendy in a group setting for 6 months, I see, speak, and act in ways that are more authentic, compassionate, and truly powerful. I have worked with other coaches and Wendy is the stand-out because of her balance between hard core business and spirituality. Wendy has marked out the path by which each of us can expand and enjoy more worldly success by tapping into and respecting our spiritual natures. Last week I was promoted to and have no doubt that her coaching played a major role in this promotion.”

— Leslie Cross, VP Internal Audit, KLA Tencor, TWIN Honoree for Women Executives

“Wendy’s ability to serve as a transformational coach for me has been invaluable. She has a great command of the leadership development domain and is able to leverage her knowledge and her clients’ natural abilities into meaningful business results.”

— Jason Holmes, VP Consulting and Presales, Hyperion Solutions

“I am really grateful to have you as a coach and friend. You have helped me in many ways, spoken and unspoken, through my changes and discoveries. It was through you, I opened my eyes and mind to see and feel my inner self. Thank you so much for being part of my life.”

— Polly Yap, Vice President, Technology Services, Global Delivery, Hewlett Packard

“Wendy is amazing to work with- an incredibly capable coach! I love the new direction I’m taking, both at work and at home. I have enjoyed a successful 24-year career in Finance at HP. As change accelerated during the merger, Wendy’s coaching helped me to adapt and effectively lead the integration efforts, and my team to success. She coached me to further develop specific leadership competencies demanded in the new HP. Then we identified the key criterion that I would thrive in, which led to my current job in a part of the organization I might have never considered. Now, I lead a strong global team in HP Real Estate managing $3.5 billion in assets, and am thoroughly enjoying it! Wendy’s gentle but persistent approach had me answer the “tough” questions in order to design an “irresistible future.” I’m better now balancing the demands of work with the joy of being a mom. Thank you Wendy! You helped me live from my heart!”

— Cynthia Klustner, Director of Finance and Operation, Real Estate and Workplace Services

“I found Wendy to be a rare find in the industry. Very quickly, she guided me to identify what needed to be strengthened and how to do it. Her timing is intuitive with extremely adept communication skills. She’s creative and interesting, so it’s a pleasure to work with her. And before you know it, wonderful and subtle changes begin to happen.”

— Mary Martha Wilson, Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Healthy Teen Network, Washington DC

“I recently recalled the personal vision I formulated while working with you. All of a sudden I realized: I’M THERE! Just one year ago, when you worked with me, our definition was that my vision should be ‘one size too big’, and to me it felt like it was ten sizes too big. It was a fascinating realization that I now AM the way I was dreaming to be.. I feel the way I was dreaming to feel! I was a bit skeptical about this whole vision thing at the beginning, but at the end of the day the only thing I can say is that it worked. Whatever magic you did, it surely was effective.”

— Maria Wayne, Senior Director, Leadership Development, Seagate Technology

“First off, I was amazed at the accuracy of her assessments, wondering ‘How did she know that?’ In addition, the Lominger competencies we identified to work on gave me language for once nebulous areas. The targeted performance development suggestions Wendy offered tied the competencies to what matters most in my job. She then helped me think through and create a matrixed plan for executing on it. We put together a strategy for developing my direct reports, and worked on real-time communication issues, and business challenges that have paid off. I appreciate Wendy’s astute perceptions and the relevance and useability of her feedback. I feel that I’ve been able to leverage my skills and raise my level of performance. What impressed me was the economy of it. In short sessions over a three-month period, her coaching changed the trajectory of my thinking and behaviors in a positive way.”

— Robin Weber, Manager Telesales, Apple Computer

“Through one-on-one executive coaching, leadership team development, and the Next Step workshop series, I have seen first hand what transformation is possible in individuals and teams, when they align their mission with the mission of the organization. Everyone wants to be GREAT and make a significant contribution, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Everyone is finding more meaning and alignment in their work.”

— Debby McIsaac, Manager, Global People Development

“I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you over the last six months! The honest and encouraging guidance has already proven invaluable for my career. The practices and lessons will be a part of my leadership for a lifetime.”

— Ines Thornburg, Senior Consulting Director, Oracle

“Working with Wendy was one of the greatest gifts that my manager could have ever given me, honestly.”

— Karen

“Quietly Powerful. This is the term I use to describe Wendy’s coaching style and the effect she has had on the way I now encounter life. I went into this coaching relationship thinking that Wendy would give me all the answers to my questions, my fears and my uncertainties…but instead of speaking to my mind and providing me with all sorts of theoretical ‘talk’…Wendy spoke to my soul. She guided me in discovering my own answers and let my inner self reckon with the issues I was facing in life & in career — and how my own spirituality relates to the two. I now engage in the world with a specific purpose and passion around who I am and how I live. It’s amazing for me to think of how fast this transition occurred once I started meeting with Wendy…it takes most people decades to come into a realization as powerful as this!

— Kathryn A. Bayha, Management Development Program Manager, Intel Corporation, Enterprise Platforms Group

“Thank you more than I can say — for your keen ability to observe, listen, and reflect my chaos in a meaningful way–for your practical, positive and insightful view of the world in general–and for changing my life and perspective, in ways that I could never have anticipated when contracting for a “coaching” (!!) experience. Having hired many coaches throughout my career (for other executives, as well as for myself), I feel qualified to say that you are truly unique — in your approach, in your ability to help others find their best way, and in the ultimate results. My thanks, my friend.”

— Denise Caruzzi, VP HR, Silicon Valley Bank

“On Your Mark has had a significant impact on the increased performance and career fulfillment for me, my leadership team, and the people in our organization.”

— Debby McIsaac, Manager, Global People Development

“I decided to send one of our valued key contributors for Executive Coaching with On Your Mark. We saw a strong change in a short amount of time. He became more able to work with other people throughout the company, many of whom commented on this employee’s positive change. He did much better in the organization.”

— Robert Siegel, Presidents & CEO, Weave Innovations

“…excellent coach. I myself have benefited from her help. She is very skilled at listening and helping the person to explore the strategic options that lie ahead. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs that assistance.”

— William Bridges, Author, Transitions and Job Shift, William Bridges & Associates

“I thought I had to reinvent myself into somebody I’m not, but with Wendy’s help I am becoming more and more of who I am. This isn’t a self-help change process, it’s a discovery process for living true to your nature.”

— John McSorley, VP HR, Nvidia

“Wendy helped me discover who I was meant to be, and find the courage to be that person. Her techniques are deep, effective and fast. I highly recommend her.”

— Peter Barnes, Founder, Author – Capitalism 3.0 and Who Owns the Sky?, Working Assets

“I wish there were words to accurately describe the benefits of participation in Wendy’s Soul Proprietor leadership series … I began the sessions with combined attitudes of trepidation and faith. Faith because Wendy had some so highly recommended and in my few brief conversations with her prior to joining the group I found her to be so inspiring and personally invested in people in a very genuine way. Wendy creates a safe, nurturing, empowering environment. Consequently, while most of the members of the group did not know each other well in the beginning we quickly ‘bonded’ through her facilitation of mutual support and a buddy system.”

— Tjiska Van Wyk, Founder, Rachel’s Network

“Wendy helps people to remember who they really are.”

— Leni Miller, President, Executive Assistants Search

“Wendy’s insights and expertise as an executive coach drives results as evidenced by her clients’ personal and professional achievements. Her voice has kept me true to the vision of who I could and want to become, both personally and professionally.”

— Jill Steinhour, Sales Operations Business Intelligence, Hewlett Packard

“I have worked with my boss for 3 years now and I can see some pretty significant changes in her management / leadership style. I was talking to her about these changes and she credits you for your brilliant coaching work with her.”

— VP, HR Reporting to SVP, HR, Financial Services Company

“Since then, I have tried to help a couple of people who were struggling with similar issues around personal power and change. As I was trying to explain the concepts to them, I completely understood that it’s almost impossible to get the points across without all the activities and exercises that you had us do. You really have to sit down, write, share, burn, say, make collages, etc. for the concepts to get through. Wendy, I really enjoyed working with you last year, but it is only now that I fully realized the impact that you were making. Thank you again.”

— Maria Wayne, Senior Director, Leadership Development, Seagate Technology

“Wendy’s coaching style is energetic and effective. (Her webinar and coaching) made a substantial, positive impact on my organization in a very short period of time.”

— Colleen Barneson, Texas Instruments

“On Your Mark helped us unleash the passion and the purpose that lay hidden under the surface. As a result, I have more clarity and focus as a leader, my management team is operating at a heightened level of contribution, and the individuals within our organization are producing amazing results. We have all raised the bar on what we believe is possible! We have new practices and language to keep us aligned with our intention and we are making very creative use of the ever flowing tide of change.”

— Debby McIsaac, Manager, Global People Development

“She has a unique talent for fostering an atmosphere that is absent of competition and judgment which encourages self-revelation. Her language cradles you while lifting your perspective to see beyond limited thinking for greater self awareness. With her guided instruction, I was able to clarify the barriers that prevent me from reaching my goals … most notably me!”

— Tjiska Van Wyk, Founder, Rachel’s Network

“She now has much more of a supportive and nurturing management style. She does a great job at communicating her vision to us in a way that is inspiring and motivating. She has built a very high-performing, cohesive work group as a result of her efforts. (In this crazy, fast-paced working atmosphere, that is remarkable!) I have witnessed very significant behavioral change in her style — When I make a mistake, I can count on her to package the feedback and make it constructive — so I can learn from it. She instills a sense of community in the group that I think is uncommon.”

— VP, HR Reporting to SVP, HR, Financial Services Company

“…I had been in the financial services industry for 20 years and had finally achieved an “executive” position. But I was miserable. I hated the politics, hated the routine and thought about quitting every day. One coaching session changed my whole perspective. [My coach] showed me what I could control and how to accept what I could not. She didn’t limit her attentions to my career but pushed through and brought the same skills to focus on my personal life. Thanks to [On Your Mark} I have a future that I am excited about, and I am on course.”

— VP HR Services of an international credit card company

“With On Your Mark’s consulting and coaching over the last year we have increased profitability while staying true to our values. The viewpoint of a skilled outsider gives us a great advantage; we plan and follow through better, operate proactively rather than reactively, and deal with employee issues with more confidence. We consider her part of our management team. Wendy keeps us focused on what’s important not just urgent.”

— Kevin Duggan, Partner, Iris Photographic

“I could never have admitted that to myself much less in front of others but that’s the magic she creates through practical exercises and follow up home work. This comes from a feminine instinct for love and compassion and is deeply moving. In addition to all of this, she’s just plain smart! She has a true gift for coaching people to look inward and trust their instincts for taking the leap of faith that gives permission to thinking big … and fulfilling your true desires. Scary at times but her well-spring of love and generosity, kindness and compassion give tolerance to even the most tedious and small minded preoccupation’s … my sense is that she “sees” early on what the path may be but gently guides you to find it on your own. She hit the nail on the head every time she offered me advice and I felt stronger, empowered and clear as a result of it. When I leave a session with Wendy I feel like all things are possible … it doesn’t get much better than that!”

— Tjiska Van Wyk, Founder, Rachel’s Network

“Your coaching skills have helped me clarify the direction for growth for my business and to then take those steps. You asked all the right questions and kept my business development aligned with my values and life mission. You encouraged me to stretch my vision in a way that it very quickly became real…incredibly valuable: stimulating, fruitful and fun besides!”

— Rogene Baxter, Past-President ASTD, Owner, Bridgewater Group

“…one of the best corporate coaches with whom I have worked. She has a quiet way of turning you inside out in a painless way, having you look at the “big issues” without running for cover, and then introducing you to a whole bigger space inside that you never knew could be available to you before her coaching. I became better — a better business person, a better person. My life is enriched as a result.”

— SVP, Human Resources of a major international credit card company

“I started reading Spiraling Upward while performing in a very personally challenging play, and experiencing debilitating stage fright. Using Wendy’s inspiring and extremely practical approach, I’ve been able to shift from my false self who was so afraid of not getting it “right” to my true self, who has the confidence to come from who I am in the present moment. It has made all the difference in the world—for me and for the audience. And, of course, it’s an invaluable lesson for my offstage life as well. Thank you Wendy.”

— Jill Eikenberry, Actress

Spiraling Upwards is for any woman who has become disillusioned with conventional measures of success, and is ready to chart her own, more satisfying path.”

— Katrina Alcorn, Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink

Spiraling Upward is that rare and potent blend of inspiration and pragmatism. At a time when female management and values are increasingly in demand, Wallbridge shows us, with humor, wisdom, and serious research, how to remove the illusive barriers that keep us playing small. It’s an essential roadmap for all women who want to uncover their power and create more confidence.”

— Claire Shipman, best-selling author of Womenomics and The Confidence Code, senior national correspondent for Good Morning America.

Spiraling Upward leads the inquiry so many women are involved with now: how do we balance our lives in a way that nourishes both our external and internal selves? Articulating the right questions, Walbridge provides some great answers.”

— Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“Wendy offers a transformational roadmap for women to find and live from their highest calling.”

— John Gray, Ph.D., Men Are from Mars, Women are From Venus, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author 

“Wendy brilliantly shows us how to use any challenge facing us as the doorway to our greater self-expression and personal fulfillment. This is a must read for all women who want to achieve true success. I love this book and give it my highest recommendation. It is nothing short of solving the puzzle to your own soul’s purpose.”

— Lynne Twist, Global activist, author, The Soul of Money

Spiraling Upward offers a step-by-step manual for tapping into our essential power, unique brilliance and deepest joy at a time in our world when our gifts are most needed!”

— Marci Shimoff, Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“Wendy’s Spiral Up! shows women how to seize this moment in order to shape their futures and remake the world.”

— John Gerzema, The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future,  #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

Spiraling Upward is the perfect blend of pragmatic advice and inspiration to help women redefine success for themselves and move confidently out of their comfort zone to realize their true power.”

— Mike Robbins, Nothing Changes Until You Do
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