Customizable Programs that give people the tools and technology to generate their own efficacy, enthusiasm and well-being in the face of uncertainty and change.

A system for building unstoppable teams focused on your business objectives.

Build high-performance teams focused on your business objectives. This three-module program galvanizes the team around a singular commitment and gives them the skills and tools to be unstoppable.


  • Learn to take ownership of attitude, job-satisfaction and results, and lead others to do the same
  • Articulate their value and deliverables to the company
  • Become skilled in being proactive, not reactive (from victim to owner)
  • Learn a common language for interacting powerfully and sustaining high performance momentum
  • Identify team behaviors that undermine success and engage in new productive practices and strategies
  • Build skills to communicate in ways that leave people empowered, such as learning to:
    • Turn complaints into commitments
    • Be generous with acknowledgement and recognition
    • Make powerful requests

This program is especially useful for building a high performance culture in which people have ambitious goals and need to team well, step up to leadership, and produce breakthrough results.

A technology for positively mobilizing individuals on a team

In this half-day module, employees make the crucial shift from a “reactive” to a “generative” mindset. They become motivated to persevere and succeed, even in times of adversity and change. Participants will:

  • Learn to achieve what they really want in their careers and lives by evolving their own attitudes and behaviors to reflect their highest standards and ideals
  • Translate their talents, knowledge, and passion into a committed statement
  • Use this statement to articulate their value to themselves and the organization
  • Create a plan for demonstrating their value in the workplace

This experiential session promotes self-efficacy and personal responsibility and offers a methodology for putting integrity into action. Mindshift is particularly effective at building a fully engaged culture in which people collaborate well, embrace diversity, and take responsibility for managing themselves and their markets successfully.

Essential management practices for building loyalty, commitment, and an enriching work environment.

This two-day program provides the framework and sound management practices essential for creating a workplace that people truly want to be part of. Research shows that the way employees are managed strongly influences their decision to stay or go. This session provides managers with:

  • Heightened awareness about their role in employee retention
  • Immediate hands-on practice in building commitment and momentum on their team
  • New behaviors for showing appreciation
  • Ways to convert complaints to possibilities
  • Tools for supporting career growth
  • Practical methods for inspiring an ownership mentality in everyone on the team

Managing for Retention focuses on shifting from blame to responsibility. People learn how to generate their own well-being, instead of thinking of their fulfillment as a function of their boss or their job. We focus on real-world retention practices that enrich your workplace. For example, we help you shift all communications (from email to meetings) to a powerful relational basis, instead of being merely transactional.

As a result of Managing for Retention, people take ownership for building a positive work environment and for generating a future in their organization.

Learning a shared language for commitment, coordination, and closure.

When people are not authentic, it costs the company in morale, momentum, and customers. In this two-module program, participants learn methods for positive listening and clear speaking that result in powerful actions and positive outcomes. Participants learn and practice a common language for commitment, coordination and closure.

Tools for managers to empower and enable their people, by being accountable “to” them, not “for” them.

This hands-on training draws out the very best in your people and develops leadership at every level of your organization. Participants learn to resolve conflict smoothly, addressing the issue without emotion. People gain access to their own enthusiasm, well-being and results. On Your Mark can customize this training for new hires or experienced managers.

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