Wendy Wallbridge is part of a team of seasoned consultants and coaches who provide executive coaching, consulting, and training tied to your company’s business objectives. We don’t offer generic courses or abstract theory. Instead, we offer solutions linked to your specific company initiatives and business needs.


Customizable Programs that give people the tools and technology to generate their own efficacy, enthusiasm and well-being in the face of uncertainty and change.

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We assist you in developing strategies and methods for thinking and doing things differently — with more creativity, teamwork, productivity and speed.

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Designing A
Women-Friendly Organization

Research shows that when more women lead, performance improves. Women will move rapidly up the chain of command, and their emotional-intelligence skills may become ever more essential.

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Create a winning environment of proactivity and collaboration

To best accommodate rapidly changing technology and markets, fast moving organizations know the advantages of operating more as a whole system, rather than in a compartmentalized or “siloed” way.

But changing from vertically integrated organizations into flexible firms where decisions are driven by market forces goes beyond structural change. It requires a profound culture shift — how people work, how they organize themselves, how they relate to each other and their customers. Networked systems depend on people who act collaboratively as leaders and own their results. Sound hard?

Not to us. Time and again, we have seen that when people are given the right training and support this kind of crucial culture shift begins to take place easily and naturally.

Personal fulfillment and high performance

That’s how our team gets fast results for your company and for you — by enabling your people to act powerfully and bring their full intelligence, creativity and maximum contribution to your organization every day.

Through our customized organizational solutions your people will:

  • Take responsibility for their own creativity, leadership, and high performance
  • Manage in ways that build loyalty, momentum and the high performance of others
  • Become skilled at dealing with change
  • Achieve professional fulfillment for themselves inside your company

Quiz: Are We A Good Fit?

Is On Your Mark right for your company?

  • Are your people finding it difficult to stay focused on goals in an
environment of rapid change and competing priorities?
  • Does the team you manage lack cohesion and enthusiasm?
  • Do your people resist change even when they say they’re on board?
  • Are you concerned about losing your “high potentials” to the competition?
  • Do you want to be an employer of choice?
  • Do certain leaders instill confusion or resentment in employees?
  • Do your people lack support in finding exciting opportunities inside your company?
  • Is your organization experiencing “us-versus-them” between departments?
  • Would you like your organization’s culture to be one of responsibility, integrity and accountability?
  • Do you see the connection between morale and the bottom line?

If you answered “Yes” to more than three of these questions, On your Mark may be right for your company.

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