It’s an incredible time to be a woman. So many of us feel a longing to live a larger life — we sense that there is more to be, to do, or to give to the world. We feel a calling to step into our power and leadership at a time when our voices are so desperately needed. The Spiral Up! Coaching series will help you do just that. It will enable you to lead your life deliberately, creatively and with genuine authenticity — to lead with power and grace.

Throughout this series you will activate your Five Co-Creative Powers (Energy, Mind, Feelings, Speech and Actions) to:

  • Gain clarity of purpose and vision about your personal truth, path and gifts for the world
  • Investigate and transform counterproductive thoughts and beliefs
  • Strengthen and balance the gifts
of risk-taking, assertiveness and accomplishment with intuition, feeling, and imagination 

  • Practice speaking and acting courageously on behalf of what you want and who you are
  • Discover tools to transform any challenge into opportunity
  • Replace pushing and striving with attracting and receiving
  • Learn to access authentic states of joy, gratitude and well-being
  • Learn to balance the demands of others with your soul’s needs
  • Increase your influence and impact
  • Be supported in a committed group of like-minded professional women
  • Launch yourself into your new life from the core of your authentic power!

Spiral Up! Leading with Power & Grace Leadership Program

6-month Group Coaching Series for Women

Now, more than ever, it is possible and necessary to be guided by what is true and real in ourselves. These sessions will provide you with a structured process and safe environment to drop into the truth about what you really want and who you want to be, think through your opportunities and challenges, and explore your solutions with support. You will re-ignite that sometimes dormant part of you that is passionate and knows

In this six-month series you will meet with other powerful women committed to transforming themselves.

This is your opportunity to consciously evolve to a more integrated, authentically expressed person, so that your livelihood and life becomes a vehicle for the expression of your purpose, values, unique talents and gifts.

Throughout this series you will activate your five Creative Powers (Energy, Mind, Feelings, Speech and Actions) to:

  • Gain clarity of purpose and vision about your personal truth and gifts for the world
  • Consciously create more of what you want in your life
  • Investigate and transform counterproductive thoughts and beliefs
  • Integrate the gifts of intuition, feeling, and imagination with risk-taking, assertiveness and accomplishment
  • Practice speaking courageously on behalf of what you want and who you are
  • Find and follow your calling

In the Spiral Up! Six-Month Leadership Series you will get to know 20 other professional women committed to transforming themselves. This program attracts women who have experienced some success – but want to carve a more purposeful, meaningful, and integrated life path. As you gain clarity about your intentions and leadership capacity, you’ll receive encouragement and partnership from other great women rooting for you to have it.

Through the live group sessions and coaching you will be provided with the guidance, practical steps, and accountability to leap to your next level of personal and professional fulfillment. The results from the series are best expressed in the testimonials.

Location: TBA (Santa Clara, CA)
When: Fall 2015
More Information: Please plan for an additional 90 minutes of homework and “buddy” meetings per month. (A different buddy each month enriches the process and builds your network). Teleconferencing capability will be available should you need to physically miss a session.

Enrollment limited to 20 women. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To apply, email or call 415.883.1007 to set up a brief interview.

Customized Leadership Programs

A customized version of this program can be designed and delivered to your organization. We also provide on-the-spot coaching for business units, teams or a group of individual contributors that want to raise their level of performance.

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Success Stories

“I was turning 50 and doing some soul searching about the “second half” of my life. My marketing career had been very successful but I couldn’t honestly say it was making me happy. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next and felt insecure about leaping into the un- known. But I became a true believer in Wendy’s Spiral Up process as I worked through the exercises in her book. Once I paid attention to what the universe was offering me, I used those gifts to transform my life. By prioritizing what was important to ME, my relationships are now more meaningful, I’m physically much healthier, and I’m two years into a totally new career which inspires, challenges and satisfies me in ways I could never have imagined. I think I’m probably the happiest person in the world, and I’m told (often multiple times a day, sometimes by perfect strangers) that it truly shows.”

— Karen Sipprell, Apple University

“Wendy’s Spiral Up! program has truly changed my life. I had enjoyed success in my career but something had always felt mis- aligned. Through the SpiralUp! work I was gradually able to let go of my own self-limiting beliefs and actions and truly develop into the person I was meant to be. I discovered the power in my authenticity that I did not know existed. It has changed my re- lationships with those around me and made my life richer, and full of possibility. Every day is better, more honest, and more magical because of this work. It is a gift to self that I wish for everyone who wants to live their true life.”

— Nancy Nunziati, Vice President Marketing, Technology Industry

“The Spiral Upward practices helped me to gain such clarity around what I wanted for my life…I hadn’t allowed myself to even dream that it could happen. But it did…in record time. No matter where you are at personally or professionally, this process resonates to the core”

— Sherrie Cornett, Manager, Learning and Development, Nestlé USA

“Earlier this year, I took a leap and did something I don’t normally do which resulted in a lot of big, positive changes for me:

  • Figured out the balance between new Mom (again) and Intel
  • Lost 10 pounds (long overdue)
  • Finished writing a novel (a life-long dream)
  • Last but not least… Covered for a sabbatical (this was a big stretch for me)

What did I do? A 6-month coaching course… It was amazing! The participants were all driven, corporate or business-owning women. Throughout the series, Wendy helped me to see that I have been giving and giving and giving for many years, but not feeling like I was receiving much. She encouraged me to shift from giving to receiving.

In doing so, I realized that I didn’t need to wait for others to give to me, but rather that I could receive from myself. In fact, it turns out that I was the one who was blocking the receiving… I now truly feel like I am receiving a great deal of peace, balance and happiness. I don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed out much like I used to. Thank you Wendy!”

— Sue Tatby, 
Management and Leadership Development
, Intel

“Wendy taught me the skills and tools to envision, name, and manifest meaningful work in the world — work aligned with my spiritual values, and also in tune with the realities and the fun of tangible worldly, accomplishment and success. After working in a group setting for 6 months, I see, speak, and act in ways that are more authentic, compassionate, and truly powerful. I have worked with other coaches and Wendy is the stand-out because of her balance between hard core business and spirituality. Wendy has marked out the path by which each of us can expand and enjoy more worldly success by tapping into and respecting our spiritual natures. And I was promoted! I have no doubt that the work I have done with you played a major role in this promotion.”

— Leslie Cross, VP Internal Audit, KLA-Tencor

“Spiral Up is all about finding your inner soul and living from that place. I spent so much of my life and career being what I “should” be. It’s like being able to breathe again to realize that I can just be me. This has made me a better business partner with a clearer vision of where our business should be.”

— Petere Miner, 
FutureFreight Corporation

“Spiral Up facilitates a transformational growth experience both professionally and personally. It’s supported me in taking risks and I’ve been greatly rewarded in doing so.”

— Beth Broderson, 

“Thank you for your wisdom and support throughout the series. I will always be able to use the tools you gave us. Through the series I gained clarity on my life purpose and the conviction to take action towards it! I am very excited about the road ahead. This is an excellent series for people in transition or who are looking for a change.”

— Margot Wall
, Business Manager
, Agilent

“Wendy is just a delight to work with. Her positive and sensitive nature
teaches each of us what is valuable in our own lives. She gives freely
of her heart and her mind – an earth bound angel. She is a very skilled
professional and uses personal examples, experience and role modeling to
help each of us understand our inner potential. Working with Wendy
enabled me to change both my career and life goals. I would recommend
Wendy and her class to anyone needing a new way to look at their career
and/or life.”

— Krista Switzer, 
X-Fortune 50 VP
, Now Director at HP and having fun

“At a pivotal transition point in my life, I was fortunate to attend the Soul Proprietor series ….it was indeed a valuable experience! The format gave me a core set of tools to use of evaluating choices and the group concept was extremely supportive! I now have several new friends that share similar thoughts and we can help each other during our new life journeys! Wendy’s calm, focused demeanor is truly an asset in challenging a lifetime of old beliefs that need reassessment! I look forward to many more workshops with her”

— Kim Keane
, Manager
, Verisign

“I was an Air Force Academy Graduate, an Air Force officer, and an Intel employee. I left the rigid, structured corporate life in high tech & military where I was very successful by other people’s standards but felt deeply unsatisfied. The tools I’ve obtained in this series have helped me to re-define myself and recognize the things that I really want to spend my life pursuing. In doing so, I feel I can become a even greater gift to the world than I was before.”

— Sueling Chow

“Deep conversations with other accomplished women about how to activate our deepest desires, and bring them into the light of our careers and lives in an integrated way just doesn’t happen by the water cooler! Thank you Wendy for the sharp intellect, with heart and soul – that you integrate in such creative ways to encourage our growth.”

— Gwen Edwards, 
Former CEO, 

“Working with Wendy has convinced me if you believe you can accomplish something, the universe will conspire to make it happen. I am living proof. After one year in the Spiral Up course, I had a breakthrough in my career — offered not one but both of the job roles that I desired and a promotion. Though the work, I achieved greater harmony in my inner life and greater effectiveness and impact in my actions. If you are open to growth and change, you too will be ‘transformed for good’ by this course.”

— Rachel Kindt, Ph.D., 
Senior Project Manager, 

“You have made me think and laugh and hope and dream and every session I’ve taken with you has made me better, stronger, clearer.”

— Tracy Sherman
, Founder
, Foundation

“Wendy was unfailingly present, prepared, delightful, honoring, dedicated to bringing out the best in each of us without judgement or pushing…she invites us to soften, relax, forgive, be good to ourselves, look deeply, and to step beyond who we thought we could be into a powerful presence in the world.”

— PL Thorndike, 
Founder of Spirit House

“I highly valued the opportunity and privilege of meeting and sharing with other incredible women. Each one contributed so much to the rest of us. The information presented was valuable in keeping me focused and grounded in the positive aspects of who I am and what I bring to the world. Finally, it supported me in creating space and time to be more introspective about what was going on with me in the present and in strategizing my future.”

— Linda Leyerle
, Owner
, Supercuts Stores

“From your series I have gained focus in general- focus on myself and my life in particular…You are a “mid-wife” to my best life – a friend, coach, and support system that I have needed desperately. This was an incredible environment to take me deep within to tap into my gifts and authentic self. Encouragement to express all aspects of myself – which I find I must do in order to have self-esteem, self-confidence and to really feel alive. I’ve also gained from being with the other women sharing their authentic selves. I have valued not just learning but practicing these new life skills. A new beginning….pulled me out of quicksand…HUGE breakthrough into the life I’ve been wanting to create!”

— Peggy Biocini, 
, Biocini & Associates

“Joy awaits anyone who wants it…your process and seminar has shown the way.”

— Kellin Chaffin

“Spiral Up has helped me tremendously to grow and articulate what I want to do with my life. The format is great and I had a chance to witness not only my own transformation but also that of a fabulous group of women. Wendy is a wealth of information and is quick interpreting ideas and helping one articulate their vision. ”

— Salima Fassil
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