Our hands-on leadership coaching closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Focusing on your own strategic goals, we work closely with you so that your day-to-day tasks go from the kind that require you to “put out fires” to the kind that propel you toward your objectives. After receiving our coaching, many clients report a breakthrough in results and productivity.


One-to-one coaching for key people. Our hands-on leadership coaching focuses on accelerating the success of talented executives who are in new roles, or are being groomed for larger roles. Clients identify areas of unique strength and vision, assess and mitigate areas of leadership risk, develop emotional intelligence, improve communication, and promote the immediate and long-term success of their companies.

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It’s an incredible time to be a woman. So many of us feel a longing to live a larger life — we sense that there is more to be, to do, or to give to the world. We feel a calling to step into our power and leadership at a time when our voices are so desperately needed. The Spiral Up! Coaching series will help you do just that. It will enable you to lead your life deliberately, creatively and with genuine authenticity — to lead with power and grace.

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