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Welcome to my blog! It’s a passion of mine to be in rich conversation with other women who feel the call to bring forward the next level of their true power and purpose.

From the latest news on gender equality, to stories of women who overcame extraordinary obstacles to achieve success, this blog provides inspiration, cutting edge knowledge and community for women on the rise.

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So many of us still have deeply rooted habits, inherited over time that keep us from putting our full selves out there. The cultural message passed down to us tells us not to take too much attention, appear too assertive (read “bossy”) and at all costs be humble. But this is no time to be […]

  Vacation is great in theory. In practice, many of us find ourselves doing work, thinking about work, or answering emails. That’s if we even manage to take time off. Last year, 41 percent of Americans didn’t even take a day for themselves, according to travel site Skift. Approximately 429 million vacation days go unused […]

In order to create a glorious alivelihood we need to become skillful in the domain of inspired actions. When you act from what inspires you, what feels “right” moment to moment, you self-ACTualize. It takes conscious intention to act not from “automatic” but from “choice” on behalf of the person you were born to be. […]

“The words you speak become the house you live in.” –Attributed to Hafiz This is the fourth installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of our speech. You can read about the first three Co-Creative Powers: Energy, Mind, and Feelings on my website […]

This is the third installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative Powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of our feelings. You can read about the first two Co-Creative Powers: Energy and Mind on my website.   In Your Heart You Already Know – Zen saying Your feelings are a power […]

This is the second installment in my blog series covering the five Co-Creative powers . This issue is about the Co-Creative Power of our minds. You can read about the first Co-Creative Power—Energy here ( Everything that has been created in life began as a thought. We literally make up who we are with our […]

This blog post is the first in a series on the 5 co-creative powers: energy, mind, feelings, speech, and action. Reality is extraordinarily fluid, constantly changing, mutating, and evolving.  When we feel energy streaming through us we are living as spirit–our  core essence. It’s only when we’ve pinched off that flow that we cut ourselves […]

As things rev up in the Fall we often feel a tension between the momentum of our “survival” needs (“keeping up and catching up”) and our heartfelt intentions for the future…to Spiral Up towards more happiness and fulfillment! Here’s a quick way to go Big Picture and immediately align with what matters to you. On a piece of […]

We are in the midst of a monumental shift in consciousness and culture. Each of us is being invited to wake up to our true purpose, cultivate our gifts, and live in alignment with our hearts. Where are you in your own transformational shift? Because we live in an interconnected universe, each and every time […]

“What I found from coaching women for over two decades is that the motivation that takes us to a certain level of success eventually runs out. That motivation to prove ourselves, to prove that we can play with the big boys has an expiration date. It’s not that we stop wanting to make stuff happen […]

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