At this time in history, we’re experiencing an unprecedented cultural flashpoint where women are being invited to step into their power and purpose. Never before have they been so degreed or so represented as decision-makers in all areas of influence. Why, then, do we still feel as if success eludes us? Why do we sometimes struggle to keep our drive alive? The linear, heads-down, forward-at-all-cost approach to success that has been forged by men will never take us to the heart of fulfillment.

Women are not designed for the straight and narrow path. But until now there hasn’t been another choice. Spiraling Upward offers a cogent, step-by-step roadmap for professional women to unlock their power and achieve success on their own terms. The “Spiral Up” method teaches women to cultivate the five co-creative powers of Energy, Thoughts, Feelings, Speech, and Action—the fundamentals of self-creation—in order to redefine success, become positive change agents and re-author our lives. Along with many accolades, Spiraling Upward is also a dual winner of the 2016 Nautilus Awards: Gold (Women) and Silver (Business & Leadership).

If you’re ready to rise up and express your creativity, authenticity, voice and power to effect the changes you want, Spiraling Upward will show you the way.

Spiraling Upward

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