About Wendy

Wendy Wallbridge is a strategic advisor to Fortune 100 leaders and teams worldwide. Her groundbreaking coaching technique—known as the Spiral Up model—empowers people to become architects of their own lives by following a radically different roadmap to success.

Wendy created her consultancy, On Your Mark Corporate Coaching & Consulting, in 1993 when she saw the need for individuals to do work that was both meaningful and met the changing needs of the marketplace. After decades of teaching her principles at companies like Intel, Apple, ABC-Disney, VMware, Oracle, Cisco and more, in 2015 she published her first book: Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise.

In addition to consulting, coaching, seminars, and speaking engagements, Wendy produced the TEDxSandHillRdWomen conference and the Women’s Evolutionary Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley, a growing community of upwardly mobile women.

About The Team

Recognized for their innovative approach to unleashing human potential, the Spiral Up team of certified coaches and facilitators is trained in delivering the tools and technology to help leaders generate their own efficacy, enthusiasm, and well-being in the face of uncertainty and change.

Randy Roberts

A world-class strategist, Randy specializes in helping leaders succeed in times of rapid growth by effectively dealing with the human side of change. She’s designed and led training and development programs for over 100,000 people worldwide, and is also a dynamic and entertaining speaker. Randy’s humorous insights engage participants, stimulate learning, and inspire action.

Peter Chandonnet

Pete brings over 26 years of experience as a certified executive coach, facilitator and senior leader. Prior to coaching he held senior leadership positions in organizations that specialized in leadership development, experiential education and environmental land management. Pete coaches at all organizational levels from C-Suite to individual contributor across industries with a specialty in health care and technology. People often work with Pete when they have taken on new roles, want to advance into new roles or have high-stakes initiatives where they and their teams want to ensure success. Clients that have benefited from Pete’s support include Sutter Health, UCSF, Kaiser, AFAR Media, Banana Republic, Baker Avenue Investments, Facebook, GAP, Genstar, Linked In, Nest, Old Navy, SAP, SalesForce, and others.

Cherine Badawi

For more than 15 years, Cherine has designed experiential development programs that bring groups together in authentic, purposeful exchange. Her expertise includes diversity and inclusion, coaching, leadership development, culture change, and team effectiveness. In addition to consulting with dozens of universities, organizations, and companies, Cherine was a notable speaker at the United Nations High Level Forum for a Culture of Peace.

Breanna Hatcher

Breanna is a passionate, inspiring, and skillful coach, helping people live their dreams. Her focus is teaching clients to lead with their natural strengths and become the best version of themselves. Prior to joining Spiral Up, Breanna ran her own coaching business for more than a decade, and worked in HR leadership positions at E*Trade, Visa International, and PolyServe. In her free time Breanna is the Program Director for Leadership San Leandro.

Ben Schick

Ben is an executive coach and facilitator with a decades long track record of guiding people and teams to reach their full potential. His one-on-one coaching focuses on helping his clients build trust, overcome perceived limitations, increase gender intelligence, improve EQ, and maximize their effectiveness to produce results in collaboration with others. His clients have included senior executives at Stanford, Microsoft, Cardinal Health, the City of Oakland, JCCSF, among others.

Aryeh Shell

Aryeh Shell is a passionate executive coach, trainer, and advocate for women’s rights and leadership. Certified in the rigorous approach of Integral Coaching Canada, she has more than 15 years of experience in experiential education. In her role as Education and Training Director of Creative Action Institute, Aryeh worked with over 300 organizations to create training around issues of gender equity, food sovereignty, civic engagement, climate change, and trauma resiliency. Aryeh holds two Masters degrees in Education and International Relations.

Aaron Schiller

Aaron is an energetic and engaging executive coach, trainer and motivational speaker. He helps people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams. Aaron has led global innovation programs on sustainability, EQ, and wellness. He has worked with companies such as Walmart, AT&T, Toyota, and Saatchi & Saatchi. Aaron is also a coach and trainer for Yale University’s Emotional Intelligence Lab.

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